Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carl Rogers' Humanistic Theory

Just recently, I learned something in my introduction psych class. The theory is not too strange to understand, and I have taken this class in high school and have done some reading on the side. Psychology is an interesting and useful subject.
Here is share a graph I happened to make for a special occasion.

Basically, a person's personality is consist of three selves: the personal self, the real self(perceived self), and the ideal self.
I think the names are self explanatory enough.
The personal self is what a person think he/she is.
The real self is how others think the person is.
The ideal self is what the person wants to be.
The universe is only for fun.

The farther apart these three selves are the more sever the conflicts.
Ex. 1 I think I can do better on physics because I picture myself getting perfect scores on every test. So I'm all frustrated now..
Ex. 2 My friends think I must be working very hard on math, whereas I don't really do the homework problems.

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